Nazar Khimin

Regulation processing:

  • Areas of regulations (Delivery requirements, Compliance regulations)
  • Priorities (Law priorities -> External requirements from client -> Internal requirements)
  • Global internal regulation (Project Management, Risk Management, Software Development, Quality Control, Maintenance and Support, Configuration and Change Management)
  • Contract management (Contract review, Legal aspects, Resoueces)
  • QMS (Quality Management System) and ISMS (Information Security Ma)

Project Compliance: Key Responsibilities

Typical Map of responsibilities for regulations area

Account Manager

  • Communication with a client including requirements negotiation and clarification
  • Assurance of necessary resources for regulations implementation
  • Status monitoring and major issues resolution

Delivery Manager

  • Implementation of Delivery regulations
  • Management of Compliance regulations



[FATA] — From test automation to architecture article series


Book provides entry point view of who is Solution Architect and his responsibility and expectations.

What I liked most:
1. Well-explained NFR characteristics and corresponding Architecture styles
2. Well-detailed Architecture styles and pros and cons using NFR characteristic

What can be improved:
1. In the book were plenty of examples but I would like to read 1 Architecture kata with architecture solutions.

What’s the audience of this book:

If you’re a Developer and your biggest dream is to become an Architect — go for it!
If you’ve never read before anything about Software Architecture — go for it!

Key Notes will duplicate short keynotes.